At the moment Khunkhao has 11 best-selling books published in Thai. Three of them were No.1 best-selling books across the nation for months. His three English books (yes, it’s a trilogy!) are in the works right now and they will surely come out well before the polar ice caps melt 😉

His only English book which is available in stores right now is called “Words of a Wonderer”. It’s a collection of 29 poems and 2 short stories compiled by him and presented in a neatly-made e-book full of clever designs. These works cannot be found anywhere else on Earth and boasts captivating illustrations by an award-winning artist.

Morals from the Mountain: Motivation
Morals from the Mountain: Success
Morals from the Mountain: Love
Morals from the Mountain: Happiness
The Golden Brain
Utu & the 8 Demons
Scratch Your Brain with Khunkhao
Billionaire’s Brain
Self-Study to Cease Suffering
How to Build a Better Brain
The Brain Wonders,
The Mind Answers.
Message from the Mountain